No Limits. Just Strategies That Work.

Mega Adoption Events are large scale, single-site events held over a two or three day period. The goal is to find homes for all of the available shelter dogs and cats across a community. Mega Adoption Events will vary based on the number of animals at risk, the venue and the specific need of the community that is served. Outlined below are some basic keys to success that should be central to every event, whether you are finding homes for 500 or 1,500 animals.
As with any winning strategy, there are some things you will need to put in place to help ensure you get the results you are looking for.

  • Are there enough pets available and medically ready for adoption at the event to reach the targeted goal?
  • Can you offer open and low-cost, flat rate adoptions?
  • Have all participating groups been trained in the Open Adoption Process?
  • What adoption rewards and incentives can be used to increase participation?
  • Can high-volume, pre-adoption spaying/neutering be accomplished before the event if necessary?
  • Is assistance with multiple animal transport going to be required? ...including possible pre-event transports?
  • Can temporary, pre-event housing be set up? (We offer plenty of creative solutions).
  • Is pre-Event fostering of Mega pets an option? It is a great way to increase shelter space prior to Mega Events.
Beyond simple strategy, we have learned what will make your Mega Event mega fantastic and fun!

  1. A single, strong lead agency often helps ensure success.
  2. An appropriate venue is a well-known, easy to find and adequately sized location with plenty of parking.
  3. Marketing is key to success - a multimedia campaign must be well thought out in advance and properly funded.
  4. Volunteers are vital to a successful event. Volunteer engagement and empowerment is the fuel that will drive your event.
When something works, you can feel it. And nothing feels better than saving more lives. Here are just a few ways to measure your individual Mega Event achievements:

  • Did you place a significant number of “hard to place” pets in permanent homes?
  • Did your Marketing and Advertising bring in adopters who previously thought pet stores were their best option?
  • Did most of your contributing shelters go home empty-handed, ready to tackle the next wave of animals that will soon be entering their facilities?
  • Does your community have an increased awareness that there are wonderful animals waiting in shelters every day?
  • Did you build new partnerships and bonds with other animal welfare groups across your region?
  • Did you have FUN?
  • Low-cost adoption fees and same-day/open adoptions attract dog fighters looking for bait dogs – FALSE (HSUS experts in the dog fighting field have dispelled this myth)
  • Animals in shelters are defective or otherwise bad - FALSE
  • Return rates are high after these events because adopters don’t spend a lot of time with the animals before adopting - FALSE
These myths and many more have been found to be false by the agencies who have led these successful adoption events around the country.
Mega Adoption Events find homes for dogs and cats that might otherwise be euthanized. These events bring new segments of the community to pet ownership. The truth is, every Mega Adoption Event brings the community together -- from volunteers to donors to casual media consumers. The positive impact on the state of animal welfare in the community lives on long after the event is over.
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