First Coast No More Homeless Pets and the Petco Foundation are proud to introduce the National Mega Adoption Mentoring Initiative.

Across the nation, shelters continue to struggle to find homes for adoptable pets. And while large adoption events have been the norm for years, now there is renewed hope, and real momentum, in the effort to save more animals in more places than ever before. This website exists as part of the exchange of knowledge, and proven processes, that are being taught and leveraged industry wide. The Mega Adoption Event Mentoring Initiative is a game-changing reality. And it starts right here.
Mega Adoption Events save lives in record numbers – typically between 600 and 1100 pets. But their impact lives beyond the numbers, because these events introduce an effective new way to empty shelters and increase live release rates during the time when local shelters face their largest populations. And even though FCNMHP doesn’t shelter or do adoptions, our Mega Adoption Events are responsible for about 3,000 adoptions annually in Jacksonville alone.

Every Mega Event is a learning opportunity. The process here in Jacksonville starts with gaining sponsorship funds, securing a prime location, providing and staging crates, and executing the ad campaign. Coordinating with the shelters to ensure there are enough animals for the event is also critical for success.
In a word, the Mega Mentoring Initiative is lifesaving. With every successful Mega Event, momentum is spreading across the industry, and people want to know how to be part of this record-setting phenomenon. Thanks to generous support from the Petco Foundation, we are excited to share best practices and our experience in a series of multi-media training programs right here on our site. We created this site specifically to help animal welfare organizations decide if the Mega Adoption model could work for them, because so many more lives can be saved.

If saving more lives and moving your community toward a No More Homeless Pets status is interesting to you, you are in the right place. It’s easy to become an official Mega Adoption Event Partner. The advantages are many, including:

  • Having your event Registered as an Official Mega Adoption Event
  • Access to regularly scheduled Mega Adoption Live Webinars and the Webinar Library
  • Participation in the Mega Adoption Message Boards
  • One on one phone call and email assistance with Mega Adoption Event Mentors
  • An open invitation to attend a Mega Event for an “inside the ropes” view
  • Training to give funders, shelters and you the confidence to stage your own successful Mega Adoption Event.
  • Access to a team of experts who are dedicated to helping you have a successful event and helping your community move closer to our collective goal.

The Mega Mentoring Initiative is fully funded by the Petco Foundation, which means we can provide this service at no cost to participants. Everything we do is meant to help us reach our goal of No More Homeless Pets.

Even though this initiative is not a funding program and FCNMHP does not have the ability to award grants or sponsorships for events, we know that funders will recognize the value of organizations that have been trained through the Mega Initiative. In fact, our program discusses funding opportunities and we will provide sponsorship templates, but it is important to understand we make no claims that we can help you fund your program other than sharing our own experiences and knowledge, and doing our best to help make your event a success! Instead, we promise that we will never charge you for this valuable training.
The only requirement to participate is your desire and ability to make your Mega Event a success. Once you are accepted into the initiative, you will become another link in the chain of sharing your knowledge, and saving lives. We will work hard to help your organization reach its own goals and dreams. Whether you are a spay and neuter group, rescue, foster, private or municipal shelter, veterinary clinic or other type of animal welfare organization, we hope you will join us!
Working with our partners at the Petco Foundation, we are using the power of collaboration to save more shelter animals.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, First Coast No More Homeless Pets was incorporated in 2002 to end the killing of dogs and cats in shelters in Jacksonville, the First Coast area and then across the country. FCNMHP operates a spay/neuter clinic and two safety-net pet hospitals. The team was also the innovator of the Feral Freedom program which spawned an entire new category of live releases for cats entering shelters, Shelter-Neuter-Return. Three counties in Florida's First Coast, including the heavily-populated urban areas of Jacksonville, have sustained live release rates of over 90% for the last several years. FCNMHP introduced Mega Adoption Events in 2011 as part of our holistic approach to helping partners in Northeast Florida, and beyond, gain no-kill status. After six years and over a dozen events, we can proudly say more than 10,000 dogs and cats have found homes, some rural shelters have been able to retain high live release rates and three of the largest counties in the region have gained and maintained no-kill status for multiple years. Each year the challenge of maintaining no-kill status requires collaboration, planning and partnership among all community partners.

The Petco Foundation was founded in 1999, formalizing Petco's longstanding commitment to animal welfare. Over the years, the Petco Foundation has served as a leader and valued partner in animal welfare, always focusing on one thing: Creating a better world for animals and the people who love and need them.

Since 1999, they've invested millions in adoption and medical care programs, spay and neuter services, pet cancer research and numerous other lifesaving initiatives—always investing wisely in organizations with the most lifesaving impact. In partnership with animal welfare organizations and 1,500 Petco stores across the country, they help bring pets together with loving families every day.
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